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Joon Spice Longhi Chili Pepper

Joon Spice Longhi Chili Pepper

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Heat - Pungent - Fruity
Digestion I Joint Pain I Inflammation
Pacifies Kapha + Pitta

4 ounce Jar

Our 100% Longhi Chili peppers are single origin and sourced directly from a farm that is located in the Mirpurkhas district of Pakistan. Mirpurkhas is one of the handfuls of districts supplying chilis to Pakistan’s infamous Kunri chili market (the largest of its kind in Asia), and they are specifically known for the production of Longhi chilis, the most prized chili varietal of the region. These small, round peppers have a vibrant red color and are full of pungent seeds. They are revered for their intense fiery sweet flavor and aroma. They are on par with Thai Birds Eye Chili and pack plenty of heat.

Suggested Pair: Turmeric, cinnamon, ajwain, black pepper, cheese, tofu, white fish, tropical fruit

Benefits: reducing muscle pain and joint inflammation, cardiovascular health, mental clarity

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