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P.O. Box 6711 Austin, TX 78762


At 7th Street, we take pride in utilizing ingredients you can name including soy wax, cotton wicks, essential oils derived from natural materials, as well as various dried florals + herbs to embellish our small batch candles.

~ Now Even More Sizes ~

We've added large 16 oz double wick candles to our site!
You can now enjoy three different sized candles from 7th Street Candle Co including tea lights and our original 6 oz candles.

100% natural

simple + sustainable ingredients


we only use compostable +
recyclable shipping materials. 

allergy safe

our zero synthetic policy allows our
candles to create a subtle warmth to
any room

there isn't a candle we wouldn't burn in
our own home

small batches

handmade in austin, texas

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