In Conversation With : The Flower Peddler

In Conversation With : The Flower Peddler

We have the opportunity to work with really great people and businesses at our brick + mortar, so we asked Kenzie of The Flower Peddler to sit down with us and chat about her business and what inspires her work! 

We are really thrilled to have her in the shop sharing her craft with us July 21st for a flower arranging workshop, so click here to sign up! 


7th Street : What inspired you to start The Flower Peddler?

Kenzie : I’ve always enjoyed being creative and a very hands on person. I love making things. When I went to college, I decided to go into nursing school and became a registered nurse. A year into nursing, I felt like I needed a creative outlet. I didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly, but I started daydreaming about owning my own business someday. Around the time of me wanting to find a creative outlet, my husband gifted me a yellow beach cruiser bike for Valentine’s Day. As soon as I saw it, I said “I’m going to put a basket on this and sell flowers out of it!”  And that is how The Flower Peddler was created. After a summer of selling on my bike, I discovered an old 1973 mail truck on Craigslist, and knew it was perfect for a by the stem flower truck.

7th : What is your must-have flower that you always gravitate towards?

K : My favorite flower changes all the time, but I often tend to gravitate more towards colors rather than a type of flower. I love pastels, and flowers that are very soft yellow or purple always catch my eye. I also love unique flowers and textures that you don’t typically see. But if I had to pick one must-have flower, I think it would probably be a delphinium.

7th : We love that you support local farms for your blooms, what is the most rewarding aspect of these partnerships for you?

K : I know lots of love and energy gets poured into owning a small business, and I want to give all the support I can to my small business community. The best part about supporting local farms is that I know I’m providing my customers with high quality blooms that often have a long vase life. The quality and beauty of local blooms can’t be beat!  

7th : Give us a little insight of what a day in the life of a flower peddler is like! 

K : As I mentioned before, I’m also a registered nurse working during the week, so there is a lot of balancing between flower life and nurse life. Typically the flower peddler life starts at the end of the week when I go pick up flowers, spend a day prepping and making sure each flower meets my standards for events. Then weekends are dedicated to doing pop-up events around Austin! 

7th : What is your favorite experience so far with your business? 

K : Just seeing the joy my business brings people has been so rewarding. I’ve loved seeing familiar faces come to the truck at each event I do! 

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