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Raven's Remedies Dreamweaver Mist

Raven's Remedies Dreamweaver Mist

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DREAM WEAVER MIST 2oz For Dreamworkers

Ingredients: Aztec dream herb (calea), blue lotus, blue cornflowers, rosemary, mugwort, white sage brush (estafiate), lavender, roses, yerba mansa, chamomile (manzanilla), selenite essence

The magical plants brought together in this mist will help us to relax deeply, calm our spirit and mind before bed, protect us from negative energies and allow us to connect more deeply to any potential dream time messages. Spray around your bed, your pillowcase, your heart and the back of the neck. Note: In the morning, breathe deeply, allowing your mind plenty of time to wake up...With eyes closed, scan the mind for the dreams you had throughout the night. Take your time to do this meditation. Record any dreams, symbols, & thoughts that arrive. Weave the messages together over time. Many Blessings!

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