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7th Street Candle Co

Mystery Candles

Mystery Candles

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Every so often, we have some extra wax that students mix in classes and workshops that end up in one giant pouring pot. We call it the Super Candle in class and all our students are excited to contribute their extra custom candle wax to the cause. Each small batch is truly a mystery, with several different essential oil combinations that smell divine and unique from the next!

Since each batch is a mystery to us, we never sell at full price, but we would rather someone get to enjoy these lovely scented candles and nothing ends up getting wasted! Which is something we try to practice daily.

Ingredients : Soy/Coconut blended Wax, Essential Oils, Cotton Braided Wicks, Dried Herbs + Embellishments

Comes in a variety of sizes:

6 oz Clear Glass Jar with Gold Lid

10 oz Clear Glass Tumbler

16 oz Clear Glass Jar with Gold Lid

Embellished with an assortment of dried herbs and florals, many of which we dry in house!

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