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Joon Spice Kasuri Turmeric

Joon Spice Kasuri Turmeric

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Ginger - Citrus - Honey

Inflammation I Mood I Digestion 


4 ounce Jar

Our 100% Kasuri varietal turmeric comes from the Kasur district of Pakistan, sourced directly from a single farm. For hundreds of years, Kasur’s farmers have developed this varietal by selecting the best traits. It is exceptionally colloquial and differs drastically from other varietals found in Pakistan’s other turmeric-growing regions. Its leaves are a darker green, and its flowers are a cleaner white. Most importantly, Kasuri turmeric’s rhizomes have a deeper, darker color resulting in a powder so richly yellow that it borders on the verge of being orange. It has a strong peppery taste, an earthy aroma, and hints of ginger, honey, and citrus.

Suggested Pairing: black pepper, cumin, black kalonji, saffron, pink salt, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, curry

Benefits: Studies have shown that turmeric relieves pain and symptoms of arthritis, skin irritation 

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