Jasmine Lemonade, but in a candle!

Jasmine Lemonade, but in a candle!

Do y'all remember a few months back when we made a Smoked Orange Latte candle with Medici Roasting? It was inspired by a drink with the same name on their Winter Menu... an intoxicating mixture of coffee, orange, and clove that felt like a warm hug on a snowy day. Well, the seasons have changed and now we are teaming up on something brand new!

Their springtime menu features a refreshing Jasmine Lemonade which was the perfect inspiration for us. Our goal with this candle was to capture the bright energy of the season and it came out perfectly! Sweet and floral jasmine immediately transports you outdoors, to the garden. Texas-grown meyer lemons and smooth lemongrass energize the body. It comes together in a beautifully layered experience...

Spring is truly my favorite season in Austin. The highways and neighborhoods are speckled with fresh wildflowers. The days are sunny but the summer heat hasn't kicked into high gear yet. This Spring feels extra special because last year we were all barricaded inside at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are still deep in this global crisis but things have settled down a bit on a local level. Austinites are getting vaccinations and the community continues to enforce the mask policy. If you feel safe enough to go out and support local businesses, Medici Roasting is a great option. I personally love the location on Springdale Road - the coffee is delicious, the baristas are friendly, and there is a ton of safe outdoor seating. These new candles are on the shelves at all their locations, so give em a sniff and let us know what you think!

- Zaid

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