A candle for new mothers

A candle for new mothers

We just entered into a long-term partnership to make postpartum-safe candles with an awesome company called Ritual Meals. The fragrance is a beautiful mixture of sweet orange, soothing lavender, and earthy frankincense. This combination is spectacular for many reasons. The lavender and citrus both come from local Texas farms and are dried in house. All the ingredients are vetted by experts to be completely safe for new mothers. And the oils used create a relaxing energy that is sure to calm your home environment.

Being a mother is hard! I know this because my own mother reminds me whenever she gets the chance. There is the obvious challenge of caring for a small human, of course, which saps 120% of your energy and headspace. But that is only the beginning... A woman's body changes so much during pregnancy. After childbirth, her body is in an important transition period while it rebuilds and becomes something brand new. She's lacking specific nutrients and she's sensitive to products that she enjoyed previously. This period of time is critical and yet, it's been underserved for a long time. We're proud to be tackling this problem in a small way!

A little more about Ritual Meals: they cook and deliver postpartum meals nutritionally designed to support women during her most transformational wellness journey—her postpartum recovery. The meals help women heal faster, restore hormonal balance and emotional health, and, if she is breastfeeding, boost her supply and milk quality. They make meals focused on her health and wellness, her nutritional needs, and her joy, so that she can experience her best postpartum recovery and better enjoy early motherhood.

If you're interested in picking up one of these special postpartum candles, you can grab them on the Ritual Meals website: https://ritualmeals.com/collections/all-postpartum-essentials/products/new-mama-gift-box


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