Special concrete candle collaboration with Forever Wyld

Special concrete candle collaboration with Forever Wyld

Guys! So excited to share with you this new collection of concrete products in collaboration with Austin-based Forever Wyld. We have been working on this idea for the last few months. It took some trial and error to get the right look and feel. But I'm so happy now, seeing all the hard work come together. This is the drop.

It looks. so. good. We've got large concrete candles vessels, tea light holders. match strikers, and more... Y'all have been asking for tea light holders for so long and now we have them!! The collection comes in 3 colors: earthy taupe, neutral gray, and lively moss. The colors are meant to pay homage to the wonderful dusty brush here in Central Texas. I think about fun times biking Austin trails with good friends and listening to Phish (shout out to my good friend Ross). Everything is available in mono-chromatic sets and then you can also mix and match tones to create an earthy tri-tone rainbow.

Oddly enough - I got the idea for this collection while admiring a rolling tray in Seth Rogan's Houseplant collection. I'm a big fan of his funky pottery and I loved the way that this particular tray fits with other smaller pieces. As I thought more and more about this idea of "fitting together", this collection began to take shape for us. Each concrete piece stands alone with striking beauty. But also, the pieces are all intended to complement and highlight each other. Some of you might buy many of the pieces together. And others might start with just one. Our hope is that you will come back each season or year and add new pieces to your personal collection. We'll create more stuff too. And together we will carve out a special place in our home. A place where you go to tune in and connect with yourself.


- Zaid

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